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Iranian version of “Let it snow”

Merry Xmas:-)

به من و تو ربطی نداره

Thanks Fati:-)

in good company

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Amy Goodman + Žižek + Assange

Watching it right now, join if you like:-)

PS: initially had uploaded the wrong link – corrected now.


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a fresh look at the news

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MC Talka, Abdoullaye Touré is a rap artist from Gao, north of Mali. During one of his promotional tours in Sweden 2008 he recorded a remix of ABJEEZ song “Demokracy” together with the band’s drummer Robin Cochrane… Via Abjeez

Here is the original Abjeez song.

My summer in Tehran

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Documentary filmmaker Justine Shapiro seeks to show life in Iran beyond the newspaper headlines in her latest documentary “My Summer in Tehran”. Read more

200 years that changed the world

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Check the webpage: Gapminder – more videos here


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Karma Banque (KbQ) is at the center of a new activist movement which combines the civil disobedience of Gandhi with the financial savvy of George Soros to help change the economic and political landscape of the world!

Isn’t this a great idea?

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Cap and trade

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From the wonderful folks who brought you the Story of Stuff, here is the Story of Cap and Trade.


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Someone wrote that just as Alfred Nobel, arms and dynamite dealer, established that ill-fated prize, it only made sense when Mr. Obama’s Nobel peace prize speech justified the ongoing wars and announced more in the future.

Arundhati Roy wondersWhat does “peace” mean? You know, we may not need peace in this unjust society, because that’s a way of accepting injustice…

Here is another Peace Prize speech: h/t to PULSE: John Pilger – Sydney Peace Prize address: ‘Breaking the Great Australian Silence’ – transcript here)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Check the Spring series at Aksbazi

Happy Nowruz!

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Silk carpet from Tabriz