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Sisyphus Got Lucky This Time

Posted in Personal by homeyra on October 18, 2006

One of my favorite activities is cleaning up the beach. It sounds odd but there is a therapeutic side to it. The hopeless task of trying to put some order in the chaos, Sisyphus-like.

My dear friend Elham was great company in this task, and worked with diligence. The first morning as soon as we woke up we started and we cleaned up our beach front, also that of the neighbours – Men in the house protested that we should be cleaning the house first but who listens to them 🙂 We sorted the trash: things to burn, things to recycle, and things for the bin – hoping they would not end up further down somewhere 🙂

While we were at it, a couple passed by, walking and exercising. After a while, she, a smiling red-haired young woman, ran towards us and started to help. We welcomed her and continued until 3 packs were formed and no more plastic bags or dirty stuff remained. I noticed a pack of cigarettes in her pocket. I invited them in for a cup of tea or coffee, to thank them for their help.  They accepted.

Elham and I knew to expect some raised eyebrows at home: our “gentlemen” will look at us thinking “what the hell have they dragged in this time!” And we were right.

To make a long story short, we spent almost the whole 3 days with our new friends. She is a poet and has already published (almost) 3 books. She had a genuine and profound laughter, while very smart and down to earth. He, an economist by education, has a passion for literature and poetry. Though reserved at first, when finally he opened up, you couldn’t but feel his deep kindness. At each visit he brought his Hafez book, he read poetry and we talked about all sorts of things. Whenever the discussion veered towards sadness and pessimism her laughter and sense of humour would cheer us up. I wish I was able to translate some poetry to fully share the moment. Maybe I will recruit someone for the task 🙂

As soon as I can figure out how I can resize the photos, I will post some especially for Alibaba.


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  1. Alibaba said, on October 20, 2006 at 12:15 am

    Sitting a 1AM in a hotel loby in Angola! looking at your pictures, like the beach here, lots of oil, diamonds, and resources, lots of plans, will any of it happen? After 28 years of bloody civil war, some seem optimistic. Maybe there is hope. As some parts of the world go to he.. some other return.

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