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Shirin & Arthur

Posted in News by homeyra on November 11, 2006

“Sooo. Saddam. Sentenced to death by hanging. I suppose if you absolutely have to go, that’s the best way really. I don’t care much for the electric chair. Why do they even have that? It’s so American isn’t it? ‘Must waste energy to my last breath’
I wonder if you’re a green, energy saving sort of killer you can ask to be buried alive or be fed to endangered species or something like that instead…”

Arthur Miller isn’t bad either 🙂 Get It right. Privatize Executions.

“The time has come to consider the privatization of executions. There can no longer be any doubt that government- society itself – is incapabke of doing anything right, and this certainly applies to the executions of convicted criminals. At present, the thing is a total loss, to the…”

Here a third variation on the same theme. (Posted November 8th)

See also Very Funny in Farsi


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