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Cyrus & Rumsfeld

Posted in Cyrus The Great by homeyra on November 25, 2006

Cyrus Kar is suing Rumsfeld for wrongful imprisonment and violation of his Constitutional rights. He went to Iraq to film a historical documentary. Kar was charged with being a terrorist and placed in the notorious Abu Ghraib Prison. Kar passed a lie detector test but was refused a lawyer. The FBI raided his Los Angeles apartment but found no evidence that he was involved in terrorism. Kar was held for 55 days, 53 in solitary confinement. After 49 days, he was given a hearing. Rumsfeld has filed motions to have the suit dismissed. A hearing in January will determine if Kar’s lawsuit can go forward. CNN-YouTube

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Update 09/1/07 : Interview in Persian Mirror
1/29/07: He is awake, Close up on Cyrus Kar


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  1. naj said, on November 25, 2006 at 6:31 pm

    Go Cyrus, go!

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