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Peace Game

Posted in History, Iran by homeyra on February 8, 2007

Rita wrote:

Man is filled with destructive lunacy and the most lasting and consistent of human follies is war. It is said that since the beginning of time no year, probably no month, has passed without bloodshed. Regimes be they tribal, nationalist, republic, monarchist, despotic or democratic have all caused bloodshed. Times of peace and amity in world probably do not add up to a whole year!

The history of mankind has always manifested two contradictory visages: civilization and barbarism, construction and destruction. When we look back we see human glory and art in the architecture of temples, pyramids, sculptures, painting, the creation of calligraphy, science, technique, industry and so on, we marvel in praise. On the other hand we witness devastations, mass murders for the sake of ideologies, burning temples, destruction of statues, bonfires of books and the annihilation of the most glorious human creations. History is more than anything the story of expansion, proliferation, and struggle for survival of the powers. As if history was born of and perishes through war. Man’s progress in thoughts, science, ethics, technique, art and civilization is only paralleled with his bloody madness; and war and civilization, quoting Walter Benjamin, are deeply intermingled and we witness their dual progress in the 21st century and the third millennium.

Iran is having bad days, though the optimistic half of our brain tries to tell us that the military attack to Iran is an impossible and illogical option, but was there ever a logical war? Although we wish to see the treat of the international community with the USA at its head as a diplomatic game, but isn’t said that when diplomacy ends the war starts, and didn’t we witness of the gradual dead end of diplomacy in last years? Who can say with certitude that war and the military attack to Iran is unlikely and impossible; and did we hear in the last two years our diplomatic corps only stating that in case of an American military attack we will do this and that and no one tried to counter this option and its possibility in the mind of Iranian public opinion?

Treats and sanctions and… are maybe a fear game to take over adversity, but I don’t want them to happen to take them seriously; I don’t want to blame myself and ourselves that why we didn’t entrust our destiny and the world’s to wise men. Only if, instead of playing online “tag games” and real fear games, someone creates a peace game. If only the world and its six milliards inhabitant don’t let their destiny in the hands of madmen; if only there was also a referendum about war for us to know who stands out of the line.

The wind blows
The fruit does not know

Today, it’s his time to fall

بازگشت ابدي: جنگ فاتح بزرگ تاريخ؟

Original article: War, the Great Victor of History? by Rita Asgharpour
Also by Rita: Pride and Disgrace of beeing
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An interview in Persian with Rita, responsible of Golagha website, Iran Home of Satire
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  1. iranfacts said, on February 8, 2007 at 5:02 pm

    I have a post about Reza Aslan’s view on the prospect of the war.

    Iranians (not withstanding that lunatic Ahmadinejad), are trying diplomacy. It is the Bush and the neoconservatives who are NOT interested in diplomacy. Iranians have been wanting to talk for a while; and no matter what they do, Bush and his masterminds are dead set on wanting a war with Iran.

    If they cared, they would LISTEN to what Iranians are saying, and Iranians are loud and clear: “we don’t want war, we don’t want bombs, we will not attack, come notiate with us on fair terms.

    It is America who is the bully here. Speaking of doing something, many American pundits, journalists, intellectuals, military men, diplomats are saying “war with Iran is ABSURD” is a great mistake, is unjust, is unreasonable … but Bush is still deploying battleships to persian gulf. And is blaming Iran for the death of its soldiers WITHOUT any evidence. They have deemed Iran guilty, and they have put the burden of proving herself innocent on Iran!

    I just pray he will chocke on a prezzle soon! And I hope that Cheney will have a clogged artery in his sick head or ice heart! And I can’t wait for the Iranian parliament to impeach that kunatic out of office. that would be the first compromise. Dump Ahmadinejad!

  2. homeyra said, on February 9, 2007 at 2:55 pm

    Thank you Naj for your comment and Aslan’s post. I have added it to the “today column”, though no one seems to look at it 🙂
    I appreciate your “sustained outrage” to use Molly’s words – next post.
    I am trying to figure out what kind of game, the peace game is.

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