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Posted in Iran, USA by homeyra on February 28, 2007

In her blog Les Politiques, Sophia has translated two French leading press interviews with Velayati, Iran former Foreign Minister, “These are news you won’t read in the NYT.”
Iran Strives Only for Security
Velayati on Iran, the Nuclear Row, Iraq, Lebanon and the ME

Naj has highlighted the above and comments. Here is an excerpt:

“… there is a total blackout on the interviews with Velayati in the US and UK press. Be very careful at the narrative that will be laid out int the coming days:

1-IAEA confirms Iran is continuing Uranium Enrichment. No news paper would say that this enrichment is perfectly legitimate by international treaties but is being rendered illegitimate by the UN resolutions that are being crafted now outside any negotiations. So people will only have part of the truth. This is disinformation. (see here)

2- The US will proclaim that the UN security council must vote more and more restrictive sanctions because Iran is not complying. Complying to what? Not to international law […]

3- There will be escalation … they will say that it is Iran’s fault.
It will end up, sanctions or/and war, to this simple truth: the US fabricates problems and sets out to solve them […]

Meawhile, Bush is meeting in Washington former militia Lebanese leader and war criminal Walid Jumblatt and asking the new UN secretary general to shake hands with him and the next visitor will be Samir Gea’gea who spent 15 years in prison for political assassinations […]” read more here, here or here

eb19.jpg Iran War Lies
Iran could be among our best allies by Joshua Holland


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