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The Case Against Iran

Posted in Books, Iran, Middle East, USA by homeyra on March 1, 2007

Scott Ritter, former Marine intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector in Iraq who opposed the 2003 U.S. invasion, author of Target Iran: The Truth about the White House’s Plans for Regime Change. Here an excerpt of a recent interview:


Why the U.S. is threatening Iran?

Ritter: [ … ] It is a policy of regional transformation across the entire Middle East. The ideal progression would have been Iraq, Syria, Iran [ … ] There were plans being developed to punch deep into Syria [ … ] And the ultimate target is Tehran.

The easiest nut to crack was arguably Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, a nation weakened by a decade of sanctions and defeated militarily in the 1991 Gulf War, which never had a chance to rebuild. That was a popular target, one the American people had been preprogrammed to accept [ … ] That’s why they were saying, “Real men go to Tehran.” Iraq was supposed to be the low-hanging fruit. Well, they were wrong, but it doesn’t matter. They still want to implement the policy.

The case against Iran rests on three arguments:
1. It’s an expansionist Islamist regime
It’s developing a nuclear weapon
Iran’s Quds Force is supplying advanced improvised explosive devices to Iraqi insurgents.

Ritter: NO. THE Bush administration is wrong on all three counts.

1. [ … ] an eight-year war with Iraq, which devastated Iran economically and physically. An entire generation of Iranian men disappeared into the ground. The Quds Force [ … ] the conclusion they reached was that Iran doesn’t need to be searching for enemies, and that there was a lot that Iran could gain by normalized relations with the West. [ … ]

[ … ] Saddam was toppled, and the Sunni fundamentalist element in Afghanistan [ … ] This wasn’t Iran going out and searching for enemies. The US did this all on its own [ … ] but facilitated the rise of a pro-Iranian government. The Iranians didn’t have to do anything. So this notion that somehow Iran has been plotting to expand its influence in the region is absurd.

2. The nuclear weapons program? I think it’s quite clear there isn’t one. [ … ] We hear, “There can be no doubt.” But there is nothing but doubt [ … ]

3. [ … ] The US itself invited pro-Iranian elements–who had been trained, equipped and were operating inside Iran–to come into Iraq and participate in the formation of a new government. [ … ] these explosively formed projectiles (EFPs) [ … ] It’s actually very rudimentary [ … ] I learned this stuff back in the 1980s when I went to an explosives course. [ … ] There’s nothing new here. And the technology isn’t something derived from Iran. It was perfected in the 1980s by the IRA. *I*

So the Bush administration has not been honest or accurate about any aspect [ … ] THE BOTTOM line is that the American public is extremely ignorant about the world we live in. The mainstream media, in contrast to what any of them want to claim, is not in the business of presenting informed, objective fact to the American public. They are in the business of making money by delivering a product the majority of the listenership or viewership will consume. This is why Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears tend to be lead stories over the reality [ … ] Many Americans have bought into the notion that Iran constitures a treat worthy of military intervention. [ … ]


Regime Change is the reason, disarmament, the excuse
The case against Iran
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Stop the Madness:
Ritter (a Republican and hardcore American patriot) said an attack on Iran will be inevitable in a few weeks when a fourth U.S. battle carrier group takes position within striking distance of Tehran. Answering questions from the crowd, he said the administration knows sustaining another long-term military conflict would be impossible, which is why he predicted our use of tactical nuclear weapons should the American people and Congress fail to stop the aggression before it starts.

Update: I do recommend, if you have the patience, to read, or see, the following:
Regime Change is the reason, disarmament, the excuse by Scott Ritter
Scott Ritter and Seymour Hersh on Iran + videos from interviews
Iran’s nuclear option and the IEAE + some commentaries about Ritter’s book

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