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Taxi Talk

Posted in Iran, Iranians, Society by homeyra on March 12, 2007

I spend a good deal of my time in taxis, and like many Iranians I am quite talkative there. Cab drivers come from a great variety of backgrounds: peasants from remote villages, professionals in their second job, retired people from private or public sectors, ex-militaries, ex-prisoners of war, students etc.

My conversation style is asking questions: Have they heard the latest news or gossip? What do they think about it? Is this their only job? etc. Most are happy to share their views and stories. Usually we forget about the traffic, we keep talking and laughing and eventually reach the destination.


Picture from bamjam

In View from IranChronicling the adventures of an American in Tehran with guest appearances from her Iranian husband” the writer has tagged some of her posts as “Taxi Talk”. If you want to have a feel of everyday life of Tehran, you can read them here.


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