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Posted in History, Iran by homeyra on March 19, 2007


Nowruz in Tajikestan

I was trying to find a suitable -online- history of Nowruz. I think this is a good choice. The following is an adaptation. Thanks to Peyvand, to have published it in the first place.

Nowruz, new day, has been celebrated by all the major cultures of ancient Mesopotamia. The oldest archaeological record of what we have today is over 2500 years old. It is deeply rooted in the traditions of Zoroastrian belief system, known as the mother religion in the area: concepts of Hell, Heaven, Resurrection, coming of the Messiah, individual and last judgment were for the first time incorporated into this belief system.

Zoroastrians believed in two primal forces, the good and the hostile. The Lord of Wisdom, Ahura Mazda, residing in the eternal light, created all that was good and became God. Angra MainyuAhriman, residing in the eternal darkness, created all that was bad and became the Hostile Spirit (origin of the word anger).

Everything that produced life, protected and enriched it was regarded as good, … all forces of nature beneficial to humans: earth, waters, sky, animals, plants … Justice, honesty, peace, health, beauty, joy and happiness … All that threatened life and created disorder belonged to the hostile spirits . The Hostile Spirit saw light and attacked the good world. In order to protect his world, the Lord of Wisdom created the material world “Gaeity”, Geety… in seven different stages: the sky, the first ocean, the earth … the prototypes of all life forms: The first plant, the first animal (a bull) and the first human Gayo-maretan, Kiomarth, both male and female. The seventh creation was fire and sun together.

The struggle is too last for 12000 years. Several saviors will come and the last one will save the world, there will be resurrection and last judgment.


The Lord of Wisdom created six holly immortals to protect his creations: Sharivar, the protector of sky, Ordibehesht protector of fire, Bahman for all animals, Khordad protected all waters, Esphand a female deity protector of mother earth and Amurdad supported all plant life. Ahura Mazda himself became the protector of all humans and the holly fire.

The cycle of life started. Sun moved, there was day, night and the seasons. This was called the first Nowruz

Zoroaster, the architect of this cosmology introduced many feasts, festivals and rituals to pay homage to the seven creations and the holly immortals … the most elaborate was Nowruz, celebrating the Lord of Wisdom and the holly fire at the time of spring equinox.

PS: Among Norooz, Nowrooz, Norouz, No ruz etc. I have adopted the Encyclopædia Iranica’s spelling of Nowruz.


Iranian New Year,
Is A Celebration Of Life – description of preparations to welcome Nowruz

… an eternal Iranian tradition

Nowruz with Loopy, countdown at Farsinet
… with Naj


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  1. homeyra said, on March 19, 2007 at 1:07 pm

    Dr. V! I am waiting for your corrections! 🙂

  2. Curtis said, on March 20, 2007 at 12:59 pm

    Very interesting stuff. We were discussing Zoroaster in history and in philosophy classes last week.

  3. homeyra said, on March 20, 2007 at 1:31 pm

    I was reading that some speculates that the origin of Nowruz goes as far as 15.000 years.
    I think it is sort of refreshing to forget the “civilization” and celebrate for a few days a very simple and direct connexion to the Earth and all creations. One clever person could transform this ceremony into a much needed World-therapy! 🙂

  4. […] consider to turn this ancient festival into a universal green event and start thinking in terms of beautifying the earth – but I guess we need more than a few elections to get there. Our fledgling lentil […]

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