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Kristen Alvanson

Posted in Art by homeyra on July 6, 2007


Cosmic oracle
Photos: courtesy of Kristen Alvanson
Middle East
Lessons in Schizophrenia
Boxing Philosophers

“What happens when the probability of being someone else or more radically being something else or other things surpasses the probability of the current state and present existence of an entity? […] To be more criminally playful, what happens if the subject of the experiment would be a woman, of American nationality and with a higher potentiality of social and individual responses as the result of being an artist and a high-ranking bank employee? […] What if it is revealed – as an aftermath to the experiment – that the test subject is a real person whose name sometimes goes by the initials KA, who sold her house, quit her job, separated from the familiar in a few months, and left the homeland on 15 May 2006 for the Middle East, where living dangerously is at best a puerile transgressive utopia […]


“Communicate? You mean these things send messages?”

[…] If I and Them in Lessons in Schizophrenia are both schizophrenic populations, there is only one way for them to avoid experiencing and grasping each other through paranoia, a misunderstanding that inevitably leads to the transformation of both I and Them to paranoid entities. The solution is repopulating each other either through contamination or capture, constantly repopulating themselves in a new vehicle that overlaps I and Them. […] on both fronts of I and Them, every entity who is captured by either front is turned into Us. […] Us is not the symmetrical opposite of Them but the vehicle that overlaps the boundaries between I and Them; […]


Gulf Petropools

[…] on a morning in winter 2006, in Istanbul at the breakfast table I could not imagine the unpredictable amount of dread that Kristen Alvanson scavenged from my lyricism: You are one of us now.”

Lessons in Schizophrenia, Reza Negarestani

Light cells
Lumpen Orientalism

PS: The combination of the text and Kristen’s photos are mine.
See Kristen Alvanson homepage, blog and interview:
The Rigorous Bastardization of Dream


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  1. adrian g said, on August 22, 2007 at 2:10 pm

    death is like sunbathing in the rain

  2. Lux « Forever Under Construction said, on February 9, 2008 at 4:25 pm

    […] Previous post: Kristen Alvenson […]

  3. […] posts: Kristen Alvanson, […]

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