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Posted in Art, Fun, Iran, News by homeyra on July 13, 2007

shoeshine.jpgWhen I posted the first call-a-shoe shine in Tehran, I wasn’t aware of this October 2006 Guardian article, Ali’s ambition shines bright:”With its traffic-clogged streets, terrifyingly aggressive drivers and asphyxiating pollution, Tehran is hardly tailor-made for following Norman Tebbit’s prescription to get ‘on your bike’ in search of work. But heedless of the mayhem of the Iranian capital, that’s what Ali Hasankhani does every day…read more

Aref-Adib‘s latest look-alikes
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Berlin-Tehran/Work in progress 2007

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An exciting group to join: The Cloud Appreciation Society, run by the co-founder of The Idler, via Ressentmentthanks Serv 🙂 and don’t forget to Throw Away Your Telescreen!


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