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Posted in Books, Iran, Literature, Poetry by homeyra on February 11, 2008

I used to have a record of Shamloo reading a selection of Rumi ‘s poetry including the following. The Persian text is mesmerizing. I hope someone will put it on the web.

I am tired of my feeble companions.
The lion of God, the heroic Rustam, is what I desire.

Bankrupt as I am, I still won’t accept cheap flowers.
A mine of precious stones is what I desire.

Weary of these weary people, I am weeping.
The shouting and jumping of drunkards is what I desire.

Pharaoh in his tyranny fatigues my soul.
The light of Moses of Imran is what I desire.

“We have searched,” they said.” It cannot be found.”
That which cannot be found is what I desire.

All things come from Him, yet He remains hidden.
The hidden whose works are manifest is what I desire.

From Richard Jeffrey Newman‘s blog:


A Bird In The Garden Of Angels is out!

If you’re a fan of Rumi, this new anthology, on the poetry sections of which I collaborated with primary author John Moyne, is one you will want to get. A Bird In The Garden Of Angels is also a wonderful introduction to Rumi for those new to his work, or those who may know of him but don’t know much about him.” … read more

Sample poems

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