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Posted in Iran by homeyra on April 13, 2008

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A Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard Law School study: Mapping Iran’s online public: Politics and culture in the Persian blogosphere by John Kelly, Bruce Etling, Internet and Democracy

Iranian blogospher tests government’s limits, NYT

Bloggers in Iran push limits of government tolerance, IHT

Blogging in Iran: Politics & Poetry, Reuters

Blogging in Iran, Time


5 Responses

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  1. Bluebear2 said, on April 14, 2008 at 2:38 am

    Which one is your dot?

  2. homeyra said, on April 14, 2008 at 6:20 am

    🙂 Good question! Among the twelvers of course.

  3. Kilroy said, on April 14, 2008 at 5:46 pm

    Man! That stuff is deep. Not sure how much of it is accurate and how much of it is propaganda along the lines of look how they treat homosexuals – as a means for Occidentals to justify their stereotypes and appease their conscience for war mongering.

    You always have to consider the source. Harvard isn’t known as the bastion of enlightenment thinking. Any place that employs Dershowitz – how much credibility can they have?

  4. 99 said, on April 18, 2008 at 4:01 am

    What the heck is a twelver anyway? 😛

  5. homeyra said, on April 18, 2008 at 5:32 am

    I agree Kilroy. The word “democracy” has become scary these days and this survey is conducted within an “internet and democracy” project! We are being watched, and not by sheer curiosity only. Very fishy 🙂
    Still the above map gives a picture of the state of the minds.
    99, you made me download the report and read it!
    I thought it meant youngsters 🙂 but no, it is a sub-cluster in the religious group.

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