Forever Under Construction


Posted in Photo, Photoblog, Photography by homeyra on June 8, 2008

From Seeing Things: “This is Irfan. He is a construction worker here in Dubai who I met almost two years ago. We have kept in touch since. I had blogged about his roommate, Zia before. Irfan got married a couple of months ago. He even invited me to his wedding in North Pakistan which I would have loved to be a part of. I went to see him a few weeks ago when he returned and he showed me the picture of him and his wife whom he cant bring here of course. Her name is Kawthar and she is 16 years old. He is in his late twenties.”

You have already seen Mohamed‘s photos in this blog. I am very happy to add his great photoblog as a “Sister-city site” – thx Ann for this idea 🙂

Mohamed has just returned to Dubai from Tehran – one of his many trips to Iran. He has started another Iran series, here is the first photo: Plastic Fantastic


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