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Rabbi Lynn

Posted in Iran, Judaism by homeyra on June 12, 2008

“I am the first woman rabbi to visit Iran. I had the opportunity to visit and attend religious services at Tehran’s synagogue, with the rest of the members of this delegation as well, to visit the Jewish hospital, and to hear from (outgoing Jewish MP) Morris Motamed and Siamak Mursadeq, who is the future parliamentarian. […] For me personally, that was very moving and very exciting…” read more

“… In addition to being one of the first ten women rabbis in Judaism and a leader in the Jewish Renewal movement, she is the co-founder of both the Shomer Shalom Institute for Jewish Nonviolence as well as the Muslim-Jewish Peace Walk for Interfaith Solidarity.”
An excerpt from Ode to Iran a poem by Rabbi Lynn
O Iran
Revelation bursts forth from your soil
draped in ten thousand shades
of illumination.
You returned my people to Jerusalem
restored the Temple
provided my relatives with a Persian home for thirty centuries
and I did not know. Now I jump over fires on Norouz
go to the garden of roses
the first Sabbath after Passover
recite poetry
at Hafez’s tomb
touch my forehead to the clay earth of Jamkaran
where the Mahdi is hidden
but everywhere present.

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