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Posted in Iran, Not in the news, Nuclear by homeyra on June 28, 2008

Iran accused of hiding nuclear studies

Iran rejects nuclear weapons allegations

IAEA Chief demands full disclosure from Iran

Iran and IAEA agree on action plan; US, Europeans not satisfied

Iranian FM: US in no position to dictate nuclear terms … … …


We have all seen the above headlines starting all over again and again and again. Probably you haven’t read a full IAEA report, neither have I. None of the news articles usually gives a clear picture.

In an interview, Scott Ritter, former Chief United Nations Weapons Inspector In Iraq and Marine Corps intelligence officer, explains (emphasis are mine):

IAEA Report: “In May, the media characterized a report by the IAEA into Iran’s uranium enrichment program as evidence that Tehran is actively pursuing a nuclear weapons program. […] the media misrepresented the report and likely did not thoroughly review its findings. “We have a situation where the IAEA has published several technical reports all of which state there is no evidence Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program. None. Zero.

How the IAEA report was drafted: “(Intelligence) information has been provided to the IAEA […] we all know that it’s basically intelligence provided to the agency by the U. S. of America, a nation openly hostile to Iran, a nation that has a track record of fabricating, exaggerating, and misrepresenting intelligence data. […]

because the United States has such a dominating role in the United Nations Security Council and in the Board of Governors the IAEA couldn’t ignore the information it receives from the United States about Iran.

The IAEA can’t go to Iran with information that isn’t serious. So they say it’s serious and it needs to be investigated. So they go to Iran and the Iranians say, correctly so,this is bullshit.’ You’re basically serving as a front to the CIA. The CIA is asking intelligence based questions about issues that are not relevant to the safeguards agreement […]

The IAEA acknowledges that what it’s asking Iran to answer has nothing to do with its mandate of the nuclear non proliferation treaty. […] Iran is saying it’s not their job to answer the CIA’s questions. So the IAEA reports that Iran is not being forthcoming on these issues and now it’s unnamed diplomats, i.e. American and British diplomats, who say they are very concerned because Iran’s refusal to cooperate only reinforces their concern that Iran is pursuing a nuclear weapons program.

“This is purely CIA instigated tripe. When we get down to the nuts and bolts of the technical question of Iran’s uranium enrichment program and whether or not there’s any infrastructure in Iran that supports a nuclear weapons program and the IAEA technical find says there is none […]” Read the article

See also: The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was, by Scott Ritter

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