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Moradi, dancer

Posted in Art, Dance, Iran by homeyra on August 7, 2008

Gholamreza Nikolai Moradi

I am 87 year old. Everyday without fail I exercise here in this room. I always say to everyone that there are two rewards in dancing. Financially, it can be a means of earning your living. And your body keeps all that an gives you life …”  Watch: high speed, low speed or here: داستان رقص در ایران


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  1. sababoy said, on January 21, 2009 at 1:57 pm

    آنطرف تر، خیلی نزدیکتر از شیطان، مهربانی نام تو را بیادم می آورد و دوست داشتن را. یک خدا دارم و یک دنیا امید. سرم را بالا می گیرم و به اینکه عاشم و ترا را از یاد نبرده ام فخر می فروشم.

    Over there, really nearer than devil, a kind makes me remember you and loving you, I have a God and a world of hope. I keep my head up and pride that I’m lover and didn’t forger you.

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