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Youtube at its best

Posted in Philosophy, Poetry, War on Terror by homeyra on February 15, 2009


Thanks Sophia for directing me toward Alain Badiou, and thanks 99 for this series of great links.

Here are 9 short videos: Alain Badiou debating with Cornel West. Although Badiou is much less mediatic than Zižek, you won’t be disappointed taking the time to hear it all.

An excerpt of Badiou’s talk (video 6, mn 3)

“[…] and we have to find a new way for peace. A peace which is not only the end of the war, but a peace, which is beyond the war itself.
You know today we have a question of what is really peace. Peace is not the contrary of war. Peace is something beyond the war, and the key is to be inside the truth, inside of the process of the truth, inside a new subject, to become a part of a new subject.
And so we have to be inside the truth and we have not to receive the truth from outside.
We have to be a part of the becoming of the new truth, of the new political subject, and not to receive passively from outside this subject.
And maybe this conception is more poetic than purely philosophic. I think the conception of incorporation to a new the truth, the conception of the possibility of something impossible, the conception to become something eternal in time itself, in the realm of the time, is for the moment a poetic conception.[…]”


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