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Posted in Iran by homeyra on June 30, 2009

The new Persepolis

Also: Which Path to Persia? Options for a new American strategy toward Iran (pdf)


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  1. 99 said, on June 30, 2009 at 8:00 pm

    I ran across two pieces by the same guy last night, that I thought were cogent:

    What Exactly Does Reform Mean for Iran


    How We Know There Was No Election Fraud

    I was shocked to find these posts very worth reading and all kinds of points in them to contemplate.

  2. homeyra said, on July 1, 2009 at 8:24 am

    I just had a look. Titles are explicit enough.
    Only when the first article is twined with “What exactly does conservatism mean in Iran”, one can start discussing. There is no illusion, we have to deal with whatever we’ve got.
    On the second, I’ll stick to my own knowledge, my own experience, knowledge, network and a large number of Iranians including almost all main respected cultural figures.
    The pdf file was very interesting. I have added the link in this post.
    I was aware of similar studies. It is a good look into the working of “First world’s psyche”. Although the most important chapter was missing: ‘”Is it in US interest to have a strong democracy in Iran?”
    Fitting some standards, so one cannot demonize it, but still independent enough to act for its own good.
    The con would always exceed the pros.
    Iranians have legitimate demands regarding their own rights and more competence to deal with current affairs. Whatever is going on in Iran, such studies will only prove that people’s claims are in line with so-called velvet-revolutions. The MSM will make it look like one and progressive journalists will confirm it. Therefore another cyclical purge.

    • cyrula said, on July 4, 2009 at 10:46 am

      ‘”Is it in US interest to have a strong democracy in Iran?” not sure I agree with you saying the cons allways exceed the pros. I think it is the “sustainable development” discussion. It depends wether you have a short term or long term view. One may end up with the conclusion that it easier to handle a stable opponent because it may be more predictable. And stability may be best acheived through some kind of “democracy”. So long term, american interest may be for a more “demcoratic” Iran… it is a bit like the french politics in Africa. Short term, getting the oil from Gabon is important for France, but long term you can not stop the waves of poor people coming to claim their peice of the pie of wealth. I am sure many intelligent and powerful politicians in the west do get the picture. My fear is that, however, the short term nture of elections in the west leaves little room for political courage because stopping to exploit other countries may have long term benefits but short term it will have negative local economic consequences…

  3. homeyra said, on July 8, 2009 at 5:52 am

    I don’t know if we should call it a “democratic” Iran or a “stable” Iran run by whatever “friendly” government, though is you look at the neo-cons prose they speak of “creative instability” and that sort of stuff!

    A note to all friends and readers:
    I can’t log in wordpress and I have other net troubles.
    I am taking a break, either I will get used to this new situation or it will improve.

  4. alibaba said, on July 9, 2009 at 3:41 am

    Hope you are well, and your blog gets going soon,
    Miss you

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