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Posted in Iranians by homeyra on September 1, 2009

This won’t do justice to him, consider it a simple acknowledgment.Sanati

Entrepreneur, editor, translator and writer Homayoun Sanati passed away on August 26th, 2009 at the age of 85

Road to Damask: A grand old man of Iranian enterprise talks to Michael Griffin about his life and his latest venture: organic rose essence for the high-end cosmetics market

“[…] His acumen stems from his grandfather, Ali Akbar Sanati-zadeh, “a simple man with no education who thought he might see something of the world to know what was going on”. Ali Akbar walked to Bandar Abbas, from where he worked his passage to India and Istanbul, only returning after 10 years of wandering through Europe and Russia. “He came to the conclusion that Iran needed two things to develop, education and industry, and he was particularly interested in industry,” said Homayoun. “That is why we are called Sanati, which means industrious. It was a name he adopted and, simultaneously, he started an orphanage[…]”

Sanati was a consultant for the German NGO, Agro Action, which launched a pilot rose-growing project on 32 hectares in Nangarhar, Afghanistan in 2004 as part of efforts to find viable alternatives to the dominant poppy crop. […]

Ever the businessman, he provides a powerful argument for roses as one alternative to opium. “When it comes to agriculture in Europe, the economy is based on income per hectare of land. But land is not the limiting factor in Iran, Afghanistan or other Middle Eastern countries. It’s water. If you cultivate a hectare of opium, you’ll get about 30 kilos of opium at $300 per kg. That’s $9,000. If you cultivate a hectare of roses, you get 6,000 roses and, if you water them properly, 1.5kg of rose oil, which will give you $7-8,000. That’s still less than opium, but opium needs three times more water.” Link to the article

Zahra Rosewater

مسعود بهنود: مقصد او پیداست

همایون صنعتی، مترجم و ناشر ایرانی درگذشت
همایون صنعتی زاده درگذشت: زندگینامه جالب این مرد فرهنگ دوست


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