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Posted in World by homeyra on March 25, 2010

Someone wrote that just as Alfred Nobel, arms and dynamite dealer, established that ill-fated prize, it only made sense when Mr. Obama’s Nobel peace prize speech justified the ongoing wars and announced more in the future.

Arundhati Roy wondersWhat does “peace” mean? You know, we may not need peace in this unjust society, because that’s a way of accepting injustice…

Here is another Peace Prize speech: h/t to PULSE: John Pilger – Sydney Peace Prize address: ‘Breaking the Great Australian Silence’ – transcript here)

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  1. boogiwoogi said, on March 26, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    Once, in one of the papers of one of my friends about “War and Art” I read “If we delete the word Peace from our lexicons, there would be no War at all to be ended in Peace” 🙂

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