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The yankee hero

Posted in Americans, Iran by homeyra on February 25, 2010


FEW Americans have heard of Howard Conklin Baskerville, but most Iranians know his name. A native of Nebraska, Baskerville graduated from the Princeton Theological Seminary and moved to Iran as a Presbyterian missionary. He was 23. The year was 1907. Baskerville was an idealist at a time of idealism in Iran… ” read more

Mount Helen

Posted in Americans, Iran by homeyra on June 7, 2008

“Imagine finding out that a nomadic tribe has named a mountain after your grandmother.

My mother and I learned just that when a relative phoned to say the storied Bakhtiari tribe had so honored my grandmother, Helen Jeffreys Bakhtiar, to commemorate her public health work there in the 1950s. It’s quite a legacy for a woman born in Weiser, Idaho, at the beginning of the 20th century…” The story + an audio interview with Helen

Amazing Louise

Posted in Americans, Horse, Iran by homeyra on May 29, 2008

American born Louise Firouz (Laylin) passed away at the age of 74 in Iran

Louise Firouz is known as the reviver of the Caspian horse and the best breeder of Turkmen horses in Iran. She also operated adventure horse-treks in northern Iran. The journeys have been listed by The Times as among the top 10 rides in the world.

Horses and hunger, an American woman’s life in Iran, Reuters

US-Iran, through an expat’s eyes, Christian Science Monitor

Horsewoman known for Caspian breed in Iran, Washington Post

Steppe back in time: Few people venture into northern Iran but each year an American in her 70s leads small groups of riders through the remote and dramatic mountains, The Guardian

Horse riding in Iran

لوییز فیروز نجواگر اسب ایران More photos

Not So Rare Americans

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Brian H. Appleton, aka Rasool Aryadust, was kind enough to drop by and to let me in on his new website about his forthcoming book: The Tales from the Zirzameen“.

He says that it is “guaranteed to make you feel good about being Persian“! Thanks Brian 🙂

You can pre-order the book here
Brian’s letter and a brief chapter outline

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