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I just came across a moving review of Lipstick Jihad by Karen, Random Ramblings. She reflects about the relationship and love of Azadeh Moaveni, an American-Iranian (and I should add a successful writer of the Time magazine) toward an apparently problematic country, Iran:

lipstick.jpgThe thing that struck me, though, was her love for Iran. While raised in America, thankful for the privilege she had – she had a very special love and concern for Iran in spite of all of its troubles. Wherever she went, she felt like a foreigner but it didn’t keep her from engaging with the people of Iran, discovering their worldview and hoping for good to come to the country.” And this leads to an interesting reflexion about Karen’s own relationship to her country, the USA.

I left a comment at her blog, and I linked to this delightful post of Shirin. I think what make us to love our country and its people of all school of thought:) – while being totally aware of all the related controversy – is that deep down we were sort of brainwashed to feel compassion, even for those we disapprove. Ok, you might say that this is not very obvious reading the newspapers or watching Fox and the like. Point taken. But we are supposed to usually draw a clear line between the “news” and the people, and all people, not only Iranians, and we cherish this world view and those who have it.

Maybe this is a good time to clarify another thing. I had a few posts, consisting mostly of cutting and pasting articles or book reviews with a very critical view of the American policy. Wrong or right, my assumption is that a handful of politicians do not speak for 300 million people. This is obvious to me.

Anyway, have a look at Karen’s great post.

PS: These two delightful posts by Rita give also a glimpse at the eyeranians psyche:)
On Poets, Rulers & Us, and Pride & Disgrace of Being

Music, Dance: Peyman forwarded the following link: A Fanatastic Thai Dance

Cluster bombs: Sophia informs us that Just Foreign Policy and Jewish Voice for Peace have launched a petition to restrict the sale and use of cluster bombs. Read more 1184.jpgabout the petition here.

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