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Car Body design: An extensive report of the “From Dream to Reality” collective car design exhibition which took place in Tehran, Iran. It presented many projects and works of young Iranian designers, including some new projects specifically developed in teams.


A group of young Iranian graduates in Industrial and Transportation Design surprised the automotive industry at this year’s “From Dream to Reality” exposition in Tehran. And although Iran is not considered a hotbed of design talent, check out the Audi D7 Concept by Kaveh Naser-Bakht.” Source: Design Crave

aggressive-hunter-07 renault-degan-concept-5 more pictures


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The Magic Tricycle

By Seyyed Javad Ghaffarian, winner of the student category award at the Car Design News Contest 2008

Old Add

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Peykan 1968

See also Peykan by AA

One of my favourite automotive cast-offs has always been the Iranian Peykan. Built by Iran Khodro (formerly Iran National), this Hillman Hunter clone has been an Iranian mainstay since the late sixties, and it succinctly summed up what it was about second world nation cars … After all, the Hunter – nice as it was – was never going to set the world on fire, and yet – here we are – in 2005, and it is still for sale…” … excerpt from here.

Still, if I wanted to buy a car – I won’t – I rather buy an second hand Peykan than any of these new cars sold at least three times their worth over here.

09/05/01 Update:  Peykan is always shining! or Peykan hamisheh miderakhshad!