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Can’t decide

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Hesam-Fetrati-9Hessam Fetrati

I can’t decide which one gets more on my nerves.
This kind of mainstream sensationalism or the progressive side of the blogosphere turning a blind eye on any misdeed by anyone “perceived” as a darling-imperialism-basher.
And that includes friends and favorite blogs.

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Mana Neyestani – Click picture

I just liked this title: Reading Iranian Notes but Not Hearing the Music

Asymmetric protectionism

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Aref-Adib‘s take on the banking crisis

An interesting selection of interviews at P U L S E: G20: Mission Impossible? A few quotes from Tony Benn:

  • If you talk about a global answer to a global crisis, you can’t just talk about the movement of capital, now we are told all the time we must not have protectionism, but the most powerful protectionism in the world is immigration policy. Capital can move anywhere in the world to boost its profits. But labor can’t move because of the immigration control. Now I am raising huge questions, I recognize that. But if it is legitimate for a big American company to go to Malaysia where the waging are low and triple their profit, why shouldn’t a Malaysian looking for highway just go to America?
  • Who elected the IMF? To whom are they accountable?

  • If we are going to have a global structure, who is going to control it? Is it going to be just controlled by the bankers and big companies or is it going to be more democratic?

Tony Benn’s website and the five questions one should ask the powerful.

The Crisis of Credit Visualized

meet mathissee

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Ben & PPGG

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I have just discovered this post about PPGG through Ressentiment. I wish to take part in this celebration.

Ben Heine did not have the right map to draw it correctly … oops!….I get it: he drew it upside down to have the heart in the right place.


All makes sense, the map, the portrait, the book

Update: To have a feel of PPGG’s interests and personality have a look at her last post.


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By blogger and great cartoonist Nik


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Iran Suspended By Fifa Loopy – Cartoon by Nik

Update: 11/29 Fifa has provisionally reinstated the Iranian Football federation.


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mana-07.jpg MN

The Ca$h of Civilizations

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Touka Neyestani has nothing to do with the title.


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Tintin In Tehran

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This is an old one but I still like it. By Zartosht Soltani


Update July2007
Zartosht’s website seems to have been removed, if you know the new link please let me know

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