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persepolis1.jpg1Marjan Satrapi‘s success story in the Cannes festival: “Persepolis had its world premiere today at 4 p.m. And at the end of the film, cheers and applause rang through the Palais; the rhythmic clapping that is Cannes’ way of saying “bravo” lasted for more than 15 minutes …” read more

An interview with Marjan at the IHT: ” … In the ’70s, we grew up with American culture – bowling with my cousins, the music, hamburgers, pizza like in Chicago. Nobody can believe how many parallels between where I come from and America – countries that are not very friendly these days. But now that I know the country and have done so many book tours, I think, how stupid we are to make these clichés about America…” read more. Her homepage.


«What we wanted to say is, if these people scare you, look closer: They have parents, they have lovers, they have hope, they have stories» …  more

2The news are as messy as usual. Monte (and 99 and Naz-banoo) mentioned the new covert action about Iran, a sort of follow up of a previous article: Subverting Iran – Washington’s Covert War Inside Iran. The comments- in the original article, are … sort of … well, worth reading.

See also Guardian declares war on Iran, and the Nah al-Bared tragedy at The Fanonite.

3 – I enjoyed reading the last Henry CK Liu article: A Mute Strategic Economic Dialogue, about the “The Strategic Economic Dialogue (SED) between the United States and China“. It provides a glimpse into the Chinese way of seeing things, and their way of dealing with the regime- change mega-plans. After all, as Fred wrote: ” … Asia … we are all going to be interested in before too many years pass …”

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Thank you PPGG for your last post:
Thank you Rep Ron Paul”

Youtube Link

Congressman Ron Pauldisplays a canny concern for the appearance of a Gulf of Tonkin style incident, and he sensibly doesn’t buy into the propagated fear-mongering about Iran..


See also “You gotta speak their language“, thanks to 99 & BB2, also Lest we forget who the warmongers are… by PPGG

Update: Republican Ron Paul does his job, by Monte


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