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I Object!

Posted in Christmas by homeyra on December 16, 2006


When I read Shirin’s post, I tought it was an exaggeration of an isolated incident. Then there was this rabbi story at the airport, now this:

A Toronto judge has banished a Christmas tree from the lobby of a provincial courthouse, saying the “Christian symbol” might alienate people of other faiths.

Religions, Civilizations and History do not belong exclusively to a peculiar tribe. All humans should be able to participate, get informed, get involved or ignore, even dislike.

I haven’t seen a Christmas in a Christian country for years and I might be unaware of some new phenomenon. It’s increasing commercialisation can be very annoying but the festive atmosphere is fun for all. Isn’t it better to participate, enjoy and learn about each other?

I don’t know about you, but on the eve of 25th I’ll be somewhere with a real tree and a not so real Santa Claus 🙂

Update: If there is a flaw in the attitude toward this harmless tree, better correct the attitude rather than excommunicate the tree )

Update 2 by Dear Professor: In reality, Christmas is the archetypal multi-cultural Humanist feast: it was actually imported by Roman soldiers who had (re)discovered in ancient Persia the primal worship of the sacred Sun-Bull “Mithra”, the Iranian version of their own King-God Jupiter [the Pater/Fathir/Father of humankind].

PS. I have also learned this “updating” style from the Dear Professor

Xmas In England

Posted in Christmas, England, Fun, Islam by homeyra on December 9, 2006

Shirin wrote: This year in an attempt to build bridges between Christians and other faiths, celebrating Christmas openly has been frowned upon.
Oh yeah, that ought to do it! That is going to build bridges between faiths alright. Bridges that they can then cross to reach the people of other faiths…and kick their heads in!

Why aren’t we having a Christmas tree this year Mummy?

Well little Johnny, you know what a Muslim is?… read more