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Sinus Persicus

Posted in Geography by homeyra on May 25, 2008

“Better” Middle East!

Posted in Geography, Middle East by homeyra on January 14, 2007

Thank you Loopy for the following link.

In an article in the American Armed Forces Journal, Ralph Peters proposes the redrawing of the map of the Middle East.

Many things can be said about this map … for me, the new Iran (Persia) as labeled, is rather ugly. Being of Azeri parents shall I move to Azarbaijan?

In previous centuries, Europeans conquerors used to divide lands in Africa using straight lines, but this better Middle East is “based” on the blood line.

The city sized American Embassy, under construction in Iraq, will also have a different blood line, I wonder if it will declare its independence soon.

This is an occasion to post a comment written by CK, about a similar prescription somewhere in the blogosphere:

“The government of Bulgaria has declared that, in order to fulfill their responsibilities to the African American Nation, they have decided to settle said nation in one or two states, declare them autonomous, and install Louis Farakhan as the head of the autonomous state. Similar measures will subsequently be taken to ensure the rights of Indian Nations, Mexicans and others.

Would this be so ludicrous had Bulgaria been in possession of a vast and overwhelming war machine and were willing and able to wage war against the US should their demands were not met?

It should now be clear, even for the densest, that the US venture in the Middle East has been a highly successful real estate acquisition. At the modest expense of less that 4000 American lives (who cares about the locals?) and a few billion dollars nearly a million square kilometers of real estate with vast strategic value and countless resources has been conquered.

It is clear now that the initially stated reasons for these conquests, such as terrorism and weapons of mass destruction, were false pretexts and moreover, the Americans were fully aware that Iraq WMD threat was a joke and it did not harbor Taliban.

The fact that the US leaders do not show the foreign policy, humanity and culture of Cyrus and Darius in maintaining the acquired real estate should not detract from the soundness of their initial decision to conquer Iraq.”

Sister City On Top Of The World

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