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My summer in Tehran

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Documentary filmmaker Justine Shapiro seeks to show life in Iran beyond the newspaper headlines in her latest documentary “My Summer in Tehran”. Read more

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Check the Spring series at Aksbazi

Happy Nowruz!

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Silk carpet from Tabriz

The yankee hero

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FEW Americans have heard of Howard Conklin Baskerville, but most Iranians know his name. A native of Nebraska, Baskerville graduated from the Princeton Theological Seminary and moved to Iran as a Presbyterian missionary. He was 23. The year was 1907. Baskerville was an idealist at a time of idealism in Iran… ” read more

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The 100 year war

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This is a 2008 documentary by Jean-Michel Vecchiet (author of Andy Warhol: Life and death): “...documentary filmmaker Jean-Michel Vecchiet goes back 100 years in history to the wellspring of confrontation between Iran and the western powers. The roots of the tension sink deep into a past rife with revolutions, coups, and intrigues played out in London and Washington, D.C. Careful attention is paid to the points of view of Iranians who were key players during the 100 years of upheaval…”

Part 1, Part 2

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more globalized (and privatized) than one would imagine!

A trailer

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Kick in Iran

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2zzqe0mThis is called the “Green tree”, it is in the Kish Island – Photo by Azadeh

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Earlier a friend was enquiring on where to find daily translations of Iranian news. Beside governmental websites and blogs I have already referred to, Enduring America (tag: Iran) and niacInsight have almost daily articles. I am not following any website regularly to have a firm recommendation. Your suggestions are welcomed.

Update: See also Balatarin, an Iranian “digg”. Recently they have added a new page where users can translate headlines.

Opposition body count: Based on a fact-finding committee inquiry, the pro-reformist news website Norooz has published the identity of 72 civilians killed in the aftermath of the elections.

With some help 18 of the 21 cabinet members were approved by the parliament. It includes the first woman in the cabinet since the revolution. Only in Iran this is seen as a set-back for women!

The nomination of a politician who ran the election headquarters during the presidential poll with some disputed academic background as the Minister of Science, research and technology seems rather confrontational toward universities. See also this article.

Where are you rushing to?

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… and amidst all that we even had a small and beautiful wedding. He was supposed to come back to Iran and start a business, now she is leaving the country with him.

Canadian universities see spike in Iranian applicants

Goodbye Mr. Poet

The craft of music

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These last weeks were intense.
It was like riding on a roller coaster with an odd promiscuity of joy and horror. It is very difficult for me to write anything in the midst of all these extremes. Fortunately Zizek has a “do nothing” rational for those like myself: keep quiet instead of adding more noise to all the noise.

h/t to Nazy from Berkeley

Santurnavazan Ensemble perform “Ze Ba’ad e Ma,” (Beyond our Path) at Tehran University

See also: Ardavan Kamkar

سنتور نوازی معاصر

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