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Courtesy of Keith Mellnick


Keith Mellnick Photograpy
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August 31, 2005
“Dominating impressions from our two weeks in Iran: the shocking lack of Evil, the incredible hospitality and friendliness toward Americans, and what should have been a given–that Iran is a modern, developed, hip country with a well educated (and may I add quite stylish) population. I’ve broken down pictures into several galleries.”
Expat Monkey


Photo Essays: Georgia’s Rose Revolution , Agadyr-Kasakhstan, Turkmenbashi’s Ashgabad, The mountain Jews of Azerbaijan, Sveti Tskhoveli Cathedral, Coolio in Baku, Imishli’s IDP Railyard Community

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A Manteau for all Seasons!


All images, courtesy of Keith Mellnick


Posted in Iran, No Tail by homeyra on March 9, 2007

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Yesterday I went shopping! Nowruz is approaching. I took the above pictures, with a borrowed phone, in the mall’s cafe and the bowling alleys. Pictures are far from great, you can click to have them enlarged.



Funny as today I came across “Wonderland Iran” a blog reporting about the setting of another wonderland in the city of Meshed – update: March 2008, this blog is deleted.