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and 4th!

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First Man on the Moon stamp, 1969, Iran

Happy Fourth of July

Another Milestone …

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… for Mehrdad Sadri

Persiphilia – Iran Classic Philatelic Reference (Volume 1 – Qajar Dynasty)” was awarded Gold Medal at World Stamp Championship. This is the very first time ever that an Iranian philatelic book is receiving an international award and Gold medal.

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Congrats …

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… to Mehrdad Sadri 🙂


Persiphila: Iran Classic Philatelic Reference (Volume 1 – Qajar Dynasty) was awarded the Grand Award and gold medal at the National Philatelic Exhibitions of Washington D.C. among more than 30 entries.

This is the first Grand Award granted to an Iranian Philatelic literature.

Lions of Iran5th edition, received a silver medal.

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Philatelic Musings

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In my sudden interest in philatelic, I wanted to find something fun for PPGG. Guess what the result is!

In philately, an invert error occurs when part of a postage stamp is printed upside-down! The Inverted Swan, a 4-pence blue postage issued in 1855 by Western Australia, is the world’s first invert error! I didn’t find any picture, but I guess this is the story behind these coins.

Among other famous inverts:
The inverted Jenny, USA, 1918
CIA invert, USA 1975-81, a CIA employee had bought one sheet of invert stamps
The Nixon Invert, USA, 1995

Stamp Collectors …

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Shiraz, Courtesy of Pádraig David Grant

Iran Gallery: “From Maku in the northwest through Tehran and on to Esfahan, Shiraz and Yazd in the south the viewer is taken on a journey through a landscape traversed by nomads and alive with memories of Alexander the Great.”

These images were exhibited at Wexford Arts Centre and at the Clotworthy Arts Centre, Northern Ireland in 2002.


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Persiphila is the online place for those interested in Iran Classic Philatelic.

Among other interesing information you can find about:
Iran’s First Stamp
Iran Specialty Album Pages including commemorative issues.
Studies of Philatelic forgeries of Iran, also pages about stamps of other Middle Eastern countries


Mehrdad Sadri, born 1952, has a BS degree in Chemistry from the National University of Iran and MS degree in organic chemistry from the California State Polytechnic University. He has started collecting Iranian stamps from the age of 8.

To help saving the diminishing popularity of the Iranian philately, I have decided to get involved more seriously by discussing and writing articles explaining various Iranian forgeries and how to detect and distinguish them. I have conducted several seminars by invitation from the Iranian Philatelic Study Circle and other societies and have published my works and studies in several books, papers, and articles … Also I have tried to publicize the Iranian philately through my website which I am hoping to expand it furthermore.” Notes on the Experts


Persiphila Standard Philatelic Catalogue

See also Lions of Iran, an extensive study of the 1865-1878 lion issues of Iran including Paris Reprints and varieties of forgeries

Stamps for E-cards?

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