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From Seeing Things: “This is Irfan. He is a construction worker here in Dubai who I met almost two years ago. We have kept in touch since. I had blogged about his roommate, Zia before. Irfan got married a couple of months ago. He even invited me to his wedding in North Pakistan which I would have loved to be a part of. I went to see him a few weeks ago when he returned and he showed me the picture of him and his wife whom he cant bring here of course. Her name is Kawthar and she is 16 years old. He is in his late twenties.”

You have already seen Mohamed‘s photos in this blog. I am very happy to add his great photoblog as a “Sister-city site” – thx Ann for this idea 🙂

Mohamed has just returned to Dubai from Tehran – one of his many trips to Iran. He has started another Iran series, here is the first photo: Plastic Fantastic

Life Goes On …

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… in Tehran


July 2007
Courtesy of LGoiT

Former LA resident writes in his photoblog:

An awesome Iranian actress I will not identify, doing her own stunts on the set of a film I cannot name (for marketing reasons, nothing political). She took that bike high up on that wall — without a helmet…

Keep Smiling

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Seeing things
Courtesy of Mohamed Somji

The following is written by Mohamed:

“This is a house in Govandi – a slum area in Mumbai that is competing with Dharavi, another slum area for the title of the largest slum in Asia (and probably the world). I have never, ever seen poverty and squalor as I did in these slums and the only redeeming thing was the innocent children who exuded carefree happiness and a naive ambiguity about the state of affairs that they seem to be in. They obviously know no better and they are happy playing in the dirt pools and running around bare feet and naked.

This boy’s name is Mohamed Ali and he lives in that room with his five siblings and parents. The garlands on the top right of the picture is what they produce. The whole family chips in and after a full day of work, they make 60 rupees for them. That’s a dollar and twenty five cents and that is supposed to feed the whole family. However, the little boy just kept smiling at us unaware of the struggles he will have to undertake in the not so distant future. I hope he keeps smiling..

The NGO that I am accompanying has contributed towards better housing which you can see in the picture within the slums and also provide for schooling for a lucky few.”

… and we are here … debating!

Update:Kilroy has fallen in love with this picture, and he “sees things” 🙂 – comment below


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Saleh has the cool idea of creating a site to track Iranian photoblogs. So far over 30 of them:

Among others Aks Nevesht, Baloot (for cat lovers), Babak Borzouyeh, BSurprised, Coma … and more

See also Our Earth As Art: the world through the eyes of the Landsat-7 satellite. Dasht-e-Kevir

Seeing Things …

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Visit to Iran dispels anti-U.S. fears, provides perspective on grievances
by Jeff Thorner, Tucson, Arizona 06.27.2007: “I just returned from a three-week trip to Iran. I seized the opportunity to travel there with a small group of New Zealanders, thinking it might be wise as an American citizen to keep a low profile and enjoy the “cover” provided by this non-American contingent of travelers…” read more

More photos of Iran: travel blogs and photos at


Tintin in Iran
Unofficial place for Iranian fans, see previous post

Persian Fashion

Kabul Press

Also two interesting interviews, both concerning Iran:

1: An interview with Gareth Porter, historian and journalist-

2: An interview with author and activist Webster G. Tarpley announcing the July 4th Philadelphia Emergency Anti-War Convention

Tks 99 🙂

In a Park …

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Courtesy of Saleh Ara

A Note for …

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a psychologist: I am obsessed with boxes, old doors, windows, locks, keys and rusty junk.


Courtesy of Saleh Ara

Update! lot0053iranstamps.jpg
Iranian director’s love of country …
Iran Delegation

Still Alive

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Waste Management

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If you love your sister and your mother… do not throw your trash here…”

More photos at Kossoof, Winner of the Best Of The Blogs Reporters Without Borders Award