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Tehran has no more pomegranates!

A musical, historical, comedy, docu-drama, love story experimental film by Massoud Bakhsi – 2007

“[…] Tehrani’s main occupations are theft and crime, though the king pretends they are subject to him. They grow excellent fruit, notably an excellent pomegranate, which is found only in Tehran.” – Asar’ol-belad, 1241 AD

(Goodquality video here)

Cinema Pardis

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Picture 097

Seldom I like anything among new constructions in Tehran but this new building, adjacent to one of Tehran’s internal highways, intrigued me.  I was glad to learn that it is a cinema complex. Last night we went to see a movie, and mainly the building.

The following – not so great- pictures are taken with a cellphone.


Cinema Pardis is built by Tehran municipality and it  is located between the Mellat Park and a highway. Here is the building seen from the highway.

Picture 178

View from the Park.

Picture 385

Under the building, looking toward the highway …

Picture 120

… and toward the park.


The animated Park.


Entrance and internal corridors.

Picture 342

The bookstore, the cafe.

Pictures during building construction

Health care

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Click picture. H/t to Iran Affairs

Time: Tehran’s Health Patrol

In the meanwhile Tehran remains one of the most polluted cities.


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Tehran: First impressions, by Jeanne Pope

Tehran: Initial impressions, by Beirut to Beijing and Beyond

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