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Meet Hatef Doostdar

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Life goes on in Tehran: a Photoblog, link via AA

The unapolegetic Mexican: Let’s take a walk through Iran

Vivien Feyer and Jeffrey Ritterman: Children of Iran, thanks Ann

Benedictus: An international collaboration among artists from Iran, Israel and the United States, San Francisco, till October 21st

Life and So Much More: Kiarostami at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Oct 12 to 27

Cinema’s twin orphans: Kiarostami and Victor Erice at Centre Pompidou, Paris

Chicago’s 18th Annual Festival of is currenctly screening 14 recent Iranian films.

Night Bus by Kiumars Purahmad is nominated in the Asia Pacific Screen Awards

Modern and contemporary art in Iran

Super East-West woman: Living on the Axis, Fighting Evil Everywhere: Aphrodite Desiree Navab at Rhonda Schaller Studio, NY, Oct 20 Nov 17. About the exhibition

Exhibition in Abu Dhabi: A walk into Islamic history, the private collection of Dr. Abdul Latif Kanoo

Iran discovery

Linux advocacy: Persian Linux


The man who stands between US and new warthanks Ann

Leading Americans Ask U.S. Military to Refuse Orders to Attack Iran: Text of Petition

Spinning the threat of a nuclear war in the ME: Haaretz

Conversation with history: An interview with John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen M. Walt authors of the Israel lobby and US foreign policy, see also first paper in The London Review of Books

Theatre In Teheran

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Leili & Majnoon Director: Mrs. Pari Saberi

Nezami Ganjavi – 12th century