Forever Under Construction


Posted in Art, Iran by homeyra on October 4, 2008

Reza Azimian, slide show

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Paradise & Hell

Posted in Art, Environmental Art, Iran by homeyra on September 19, 2008

18th Environmental Art Festival in Iran – Paradise Art Center (August 2008)

Ahmad Nadalian

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Posted in Art by homeyra on September 1, 2008

A Matrioska suffering from acute radiation sickness

Jaime Pitarch

h/t to Peyman: يادآوري دردناك يك فاجعه

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Pictures of you …

Posted in Art, Iran, Photo, USA by homeyra on August 27, 2008

… Images of Iran

American lawyer-turned-photographer Tom Loughlin has visited Iran three times to capture Iranian life for his installation, “Pictures of you, Images of Iran”. Click picture to see a short video of this photo installation at Denver’s Civic Center.

More about the artist
Tom Loughlin blogs about this project

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